YATD during Covid-19 Face Masks! Social Distancing!

One of the most common questions we have received since the start of the pandemic is ‘how can we possibly implement YATD (engage with our customers) with face masks and social distancing in place?  That’s a fair question.  When lockdown 1.0 was announced we as a team sat down and discussed (via Zoom) where do we go from here?

YATD Compliments Working Within Covid Restrictions!

Very quickly we realised that when it comes to YATD, and the 5 key stages we implement, nothing changes!  In fact, YATD actually compliments the Covid restrictions!  Let me give you an example; Greeting the Customer.  Remember how most people Greet the Customer?

Eye Contact – Smile – Words

Is this the correct way?


What is the correct YATD way?

Words – Eye Contact – Smile 

Ok, so let’s break it down.

You’re working in the store wearing a mask.  People can be nervous; you can be nervous. A customer walks tentatively in to your store. You keep you 2 metre distance.  What do you do? You do what you always do!  You follow the YATD steps! 

A warm, friendly, strong ‘Good Morning!’ or ‘Hello’ and a big smile. The Customer looks around, sees you (making eye contact), smiles back – after all, your eyes show that you’re smiling The Customer (holding your eye contact) asks about a product and off you go, chatting as you go whilst still keeping your distance.  

So, what has changed in terms of YATD?  Nothing!  Everything remains the same!  

Remember… ‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!  Now, more than ever this statement rings true.  It is you ATTITUDE that will dictate your Success.

We were (pleasantly) surprised at how YATD fits in to all the Covid-guidelines.  In fact, clients have even remarked that their YATD practices have strengthened with the current guidelines! 

Key Points To Remember

  • Use your voice to Greet your Customers
  • Do not crowd the Customer, keep your distance
  • A positive, ‘Can-Do’ Attitude will determine your success
  • Find the Balance – Customer/Tasks