Sessions Available

All You Are The Difference sessions are tailored to meet the clients needs and no two sessions are ever 100% the same.

Main YATD Session (2 hours)
The purpose of the session is to provide the skills knowledge and confidence in how to greet, approach and close the sale in a natural relaxed way. Part of the session also provides simple tools to help those taking part to have a more positive day, every day. The session is educational, inspirational, motivational and lots of fun.

Role of the Manager in YATD (1 hours)
This session has been specifically designed for managers to help them to coach YATD on the shop floor and to keep it alive long term. All managers need to attend this second session as soon as possible after they have attended the main YATD session.

Live Shop Floor YATD Coaching Sessions
An intensive shop floor coaching session where managers and team members are given one to one coaching during live interaction with customers. A key part of the session also provides managers with simple and effective tools to help them to coach their team and keep the YATD programme alive long term.

Online YATD Coaching Sessions
A new and exciting way in delivering different YATD sessions to both large and small groups. The online sessions are delivered by our top coaches in partnership with our video production company, which ensures a high level of delivery.  Each session is recorded and edited for clients to then share or recap. Read more