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What Is “You Are The Difference”

Every You Are The Difference Coaching Programme is always tailored and designed to meet the clients needs.

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YATD Customer Service Techniques

The YATD techniques were all developed on the shop floor through interactions with real customers.
Proven to be simple and effective and continued to be used by thousands of managers and sales advisors.

The Spiral of Positivity

Greeting the Customer

Approaching the Customer

Perfect Partners (Add On's)

Closing the Sale

FAB 5 at the Till


What people have said about the You Are the Difference programme

NHS Medway Foundation Trust

We were very proud to have worked with the amazing and dedicated team at Medway NHS Foundation Trust where we delivered new YATD culture programme coaching sessions throughout the whole hospital. Every single sessions was greeted with a real commitment to making a difference. 

Customer Service Event at the Everyman Theatre Cork

Alf delivered a special YATD customer service event to an audience of over 400 from retail and hospitality businesses across Cork city at the Everyman Theatre.  The event organised by Cork City Centre Forum and the Local Enterprise Office, Cork City, saw staff, managers and owners from businesses ranging from independent shops, restaurants and cafes to department stores and hotels all taking part. It was held as follow on from the roll out earlier this year of the Cork City Customer Service Charter Training Programme, the first programme of its kind in Europe, which aims to make Cork a city of excellent customer service.

YATD Store

Coaching Videos and Books. 

Book – “Just Looking Thanks!”


The straight-forward guide to creating brilliant customer service.Introducing the unique customer service coaching programme “You Are The Difference” Used by a wide range of retailers and orginisations in over 25 countries around the world. The You Are The DIfference Programme is unique. Developed on the shop floor, it provides simple but effective tools to help raise customer service and increase sales.

Digital Download/DVD – “Just Looking Thanks!”


Length: 45 Minutes. The You Are the Difference Coaching DVD provides owners, managers and coaches with a unique tool to help them deliver the YATD programme throughout their business or store. The interactive DVD shows Alf presenting the main principles and techniques from a YATD session along with the exercises that helps tailor the session to the needs of the company.

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YATD- Coaching Pack


The You Are The Difference Coaching Pack provides a toolbox of materials that has been specially developed to give owners, managers and coaches everything they will need to help them deliver the YATD customer service programme and to keep it alive long term.

The pack contains:

  • Book
  • DVD
  • Posters
  • Top Tips
  • Quiz
  • Certificate
  • Coaching Materials
  • FAB-5 Till card

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